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Wedding day. Remember as a whimsical child, the excitement of waiting for something that you had longed for, for a long time. You have to restrain yourself from behaving in an uncontrollable way! You want to scream with happiness and laugh out loud. Your wedding day has arrived and you want to share the happiness with the world, but at the same time inside you feel you should not reveal your joy in case fate is tempted to destroy this, your magical day. You tiptoe to the window. Does anyone see the elusive smile on your face and the radiant brightness in your eyes? Then, you gracefully glide along the parquet floor towards that imaginary chest of treasures that hovers before you. You mentally open the furthest casket. There, is stored the incredible power of your cherished desires, like unopened petals that hide fascinating aromas. If you release this power, everything around you, touched with your eyes will come to life.

White marble will sprout wild grapes, herbs and lush flowers. For youth there are no barriers. Everything new, fresh, pristine is before you. Grasp it, breath deeply, sing in your fullest voice, discard all doubts and relish the taste of young life in all its beauty, promise and sincerity. Is it possible? What holds you back – a slight touch of fear of the unknown? And what if the illusion is broken, breaks, because youth is so fragile and tender? At the same time – there is nothing stronger and more alive on earth than youth. The bride always embodies the wonder of being and dreams of youth. Everything she touches is enhanced by her vitality and comes alive, in tune with Nature. Her sparkling, clear eyes shine out like diamonds in a perfect setting, lighting up the room, and compete for beauty with the enchanted flowers that surround her. She stands apart, the magic in her glowing skin and cheeks burn like an amber flame lighting up her lovely face. Life exudes powerfully from her young heart as it pours forth abundant waves of love. Her body hovers on the edge of childhood like a bird about to flap its wings and soar delicately to the realm of womanhood. Her youth enfolds her like dew in the early morning that embraces a flower, suddenly about to bust into bloom.

Floral design and style Sweet Kvitka
Flower production and organization ANA Florist
Dress Karina Galstyan
MakeUp Yevgeniya Yanysheva 
Model Anastasiia Lunyova
Jewelry Guzema Jewerly
Cake Bassano
Calligraphy Aleksa Ch
Film Lab Carmencita Film Lab

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