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Morning rhapsody. The first ray of the sun did not touch her. It crept along the sheets and hid in the shade of the bed. Then a second and third ray appeared. In turn, they knocked on the white frame of the closed window and, without waiting for it to open, they slipped into the room. Others, coming behind them, are no longer cautious, but push brazenly ahead, flooding everything they touch with a new light. Now they reach out to her closed eyes, tender cheeks, pink swollen lips. “She is still quite young. She will play with us. ” Feeling the slight heat, the girl’s eyelashes fluttered lightly and then closed again. It would be better to stay where she was, in a world where sunshine did not enter; where tones and half-sounds dominated.

The warmth of his hands and the fierce beating of his heart, pressed closer to her. Flowers, music, a kind smile and a sharp secret breath of joy. Were those memories of last evening, or just a fantasy? She opened her eyes and watched for a long time, watching the sun’s rays playing on the wall. They ran, jumping over each other, like waking thoughts. Then they slowed, but did not stop. The room was filled with laughter and joy. A wonderful thing is about to happen. The beginning of a new day – a new life! A wedding day dawns for the new bride. The special day she has been dreaming of is here. The sun beams down, the flowers breathe fresh scents into the air and call her to arise and be ready for the happiness that lies ahead.

Floral design and style Sweet Kvitka
Flower production and organization ANA Florist
Dress Karina Galstyan
MakeUp Yevgeniya Yanysheva 
Model Anastasiia Lunyova
Jewelry Guzema Jewerly
Cake Bassano
Calligraphy Aleksa Ch
Film Lab Carmencita Film Lab

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