the Philosophy

The entire life consists of small particles, formed as puzzles, forming a huge picture. I am trying to capture all the important details of each story by bringing across the atmosphere. Being tirelessly in love with creative work, bright, natural daylight, delicate and present, that touches the eyes corner from day to day, I am specialized in a pure portrait photography. It implies natural daylight, free lines, airiness, lightness and softness of tones.

My style is laconic and simple. Lively emotions and sincere smiles, important details, actions and minds freedom. Loving everything. I prefer heartwarming outdoors weddings among close people and relatives, where no one feels as an alien or being thrown-out, where everyone is crying and laughing all together to the live music sounds, where fathers hug their daughters, wiping tears furtively away. For our shootings we use digital as well as film cameras, giving preference of choice to a moment.

Thanking exactly to film shooting we could bring across that holiday atmosphere, natural daylight and the intension of a shot. During some years we were lucky to work with tens of wedding field professionals, who gave us a chance to grow up and make a progress. That is why our geographical borders are daily expanded. With each resided shooting or family shooting we fall in love with each one in an own way, living together this dayand this little life.

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