T R A V E L  C A L E N D A R

We adore traveling! Last years we were lucky to capture wedding, portrait sessions and family photos in many European countries. We could not imagine our work without constant development and now our geographical borders are widen towards the West. We are looking forward to meet loving couples from another countries. If you are interested in booking a destination wedding or another kind of shooting, please see below for currently booked travel and dates. More can always be added so get in touch if you’d like to book something.


USA (California) – May 12-20

Mexico – September 12-16

USA (Colorado) – September 22-30

USA (Washington, Oregon, California) – October 1-7


USA (California) – May 20-25

ITALY (Florence) – June 5-8

ITALY (Florence) – July 12-14

ITALY (Tuscany) – August 25-28

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